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2024/05/12 14:11
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I use Notion for nearly everything in my life, particularly for note-taking. However, I sometimes miss the look and feel of traditional notebooks. On the other hand, using traditional notebooks isn't practical as my handwriting is illegible. That is why, I've created this Muji-inspired cover and I'm excited to share with you all! While aesthetics and customization may not be essential, they can certainly enhance enjoyment and motivation when using Notion.
This post will give you the link to download and how to use this digital cover and sticker pack! Without further ado, let’s get started.
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downloads are here!

The notebook and spaced repetition revision note section of my study cafe template☕️
The notebook and spaced repetition revision note section of my study cafe template
This is what the cover looks like! I've applied this to the notebook database of the Study Cafe templates! These cover pairs perfectly!
Learn more about our second-best-selling study cafe here. If you just want to try out our Muji-inspired cover first, download it through this link!
Note that all these files are under 5MB and have been optimized — suitable for a free version. If you wish to download Notion, click here!


This digital cover and sticker pack includes:
Muji-inspired notebook cover in light mode, available in 10 colours
Muji-inspired notebook cover in dark mode, also available in 10 colours
Inner page cover for Muji-inspired notebook
Letter stamp sticker pack inspired by Muji for decorating the notebook cover
Six Muji-inspired washi tapes for decoration
All items made with love by @notionwithro!

how to add the cover

If you open up the database (no need to duplicate), there are two views, cover and decorative.
First, navigate to the cover section. Select one of the covers and download it.
[optional] If you prefer a muji-style decoration for the cover, go to the decorative section. Download the notebook-label-sticker and letterstamp-sticker-pack.
[optional] Use any of the photo editor app, such as Preview, Canva, etc, to paste the decoratives onto the cover.
Tip: The size of a Notion gallery cover tends to change based on the size of the page. Keep this in mind and it's best to keep the stickers small.
In the notebook database or any database in Gallery view, create a new Files and Media property and name it cover.
Upload the cover that you downloaded and decorated to that property.
Click on ••• on the top-right corner of the database → Layouts → Card preview as cover.
[optional] Click on ••• on the top-right corner of the database → Properties. Then, proceed to hide all properties.

inside the notebook

[optional] Decorate the inside of the notebook or page in the database using the notebook-inner-cover.
[optional] Simply download notebook-inner-cover and open it as a page in a notebook or database entry.
[optional] Add notebook-inner-cover as the page cover.

the washi tapes:

Feel free to download the washitape-{...}, crop it to your desired size, and add it to your Notion workspace!


Hope you enjoy this free muji-inspired Notion cover! If you want to support my work, be sure to check out shop for my beautiful templates, which I am confident enough to say are a game-changer Subscribe to my newsletter and feel free to follow me on my social media for updates!
Happy Notion(ing)!