5 Notion Shortcut Every Notion User Must Know🫧

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2024/04/26 12:35
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This is the part 1 of super super useful Notion tips!
I've been pretty much obsessed with Notion for four years. After learning about all the available shortcuts, I've identified THE game-changers. They are particularly useful given Notion's seamless page integration and note-taking, which I know many of you use Notion for 🫧

cmd + shift + L

The shortcut cmd + shift + L in Notion allows users to toggle between dark and light mode. This switch can be particularly helpful when dealing with pages or databases that require extended periods of reading or writing. Protect your eyes from blue light and reduced eye strain!

cmd + [ or cmd + ]

One of the great features of Notion is its seamless page integration. However, navigating through multiple pages using the breadcrumb or sidebar can sometimes be tedious. To simplify this process, use 'cmd + [' to go back a page and 'cmd + ]' to move forward a page.

cmd + T

If you use Notion pages for various aspects of your life, the command "Cmd + T" can be a lifesaver. While "Cmd + N" can be used to create a new window, keeping things minimal is often a better approach!

[ ] + space

To-dos and checklists are crucial elements of Notion pages. To create a checkbox with ease, use an enclosed square bracket followed by a space. This will eliminate the need to type "clash" and navigate the list to find the to-do list.


I haven’t really seen this being used anywhere but this shortcut /turn is super helpful especially if you use Notion primarily for note-taking! Don’t highlight click on the block instead type as usual, then type slash turn and change the style of the text with ease.
That's all for now. Stay tuned for more Notion tips and tricks in our next post. Keep exploring, and happy Notion-ing!